Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The book MATCHED is very good. I'm extermly excited for the release of CROSSED on November 1st and for the movie in 2012 by Disney, who will be making movies on the whole trilogy.

In this book, in a world where the government controls everything 17 year Cassia loves her life, she has great friends, a great life, and a great family. Cassia has everything under control,well the government has everything under control for her, and is on track to being a sorter. Suddenly at her Match ceromony her best friends Xander is chosen to be her Match. While most girls don't even know there new finace Cassia knows her's better then anyone. Cassia and Xander go through a different courtship then everyone else. While everything seems perfect, something unexpected happens leaving Cassia with a choose, Xander, her Match, and best Friend, or smart, smooth talking Ky.

This book is similar to The Giver, and The Other Side of the Island, due to the fact they are all about controling governments. I think MATCHED is the best then The Other Side of the Island, then The Giver. This book is also Similar to Twilight and The Hunger Games with the, best friend or handsome and sweet stranger lover triangle. While this book is approprite and easy, I think in order to really get anything out of the conflicts in the book, and you need to be a middle school - high school student.

~ Dana

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