Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review for Ship Breaker

I read Ship Breaker for an English assignment. It was about a boy named Nailer who worked as a ship breaker, the job was very dangerous. He finds a broken hip for rich people and finds a girl in it. He has to make the choice whether to help her or taker her treasure.
I liked some parts of this book, and I think a lot of it was boring. It made me think of how I would act if I had to live like him. He had a hard life and a hard job. I felt bad for him a lot. I think it shows you that some people and kids really have to live like that and have jobs at young ages just so they can eat.
I would recommend this book to 7th grade and up, because of the language in it. I think boys and girls would like it (surprisingly), even though the main character is a boy and it is about his life.
This book is like Hunger Games is some ways, like how much action is in it and it has a lot of fighting and running away from your enemy’s. It is also like Hunger Games, because it’s about two people falling in love and choosing if you love someone or not.
~Emily :)

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