Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Dead and The Gone

***************************SPOILER ALERT*****************************
I finished The Dead and The Gone by Susan Pfeffer a couple days ago. It is the second book in the Life As We Knew It series. It is following Alex Morales and his sisters instead of Miranda. He lives in New York, which got hit a lot harder because it is closer to the ocean. Alex has to take care of himself and both of his sisters because his parents may have both died during the tsunamis. He has absolutely no idea what happened to his parents. Basically all the same natural disasters happen in both books. Where Miranda's family had more food for longer, Alex's family runs out of food fast. Eventually they have to leave New York. I think I liked the first book better. This book was a little more gory than the first one. At one point, Alex has to go through Yankee Stadium to look at dead people trying to find his mom. It is really disgusting. Alex also searches dead bodies for items like shoes and watches to trade for food for his sister. It was slightly disgusting. I compared this to the first book in the series. If you liked the first one, I recommend reading the second book as well. I would only recommend this book for middle schoolers or fifth graders who are more mature than the average fifth grader.

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