Monday, May 23, 2011

New Moon

If you haven't read the book but seen the movie, the movie is close enough to the book it doesn't matter if you've read it or not. If you haven't done either STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!! My short summary isn't so short.
Okay. It is time to catch up on my reviews. I'm way behind. Anyway..........
I read the second Twilight book the weekend after I finished the first one. I may have actually spoken too soon (see my original Twilight post if you wanna know what I said about it). Bella was waaaay more flaky in this book than she was in the first one. Edward left less than a hundred pages in (I think) because his dad was supposed to be ten years older than he looked. They didn't really want anyone to get suspicious of the fact that they are vampires so they moved to Italy. So Bella spent most of her time trying to get adrenaline rushes so she could hear Edward's voice. She heard his voice every time she did something dangerous. Some of these activities were crashing a motorcycle and jumping off a cliff. Oh and walking up to a guy she thought tried to attack her before (She's soo smart, isn't she?). The motorcycle thing is actually important, because she has her friend Jake help her rebuild them from complete and total scrap metal. Jake actually turns out to be a werewolf later, which is really cool. Werewolfs are cooler than vamps in my opinion. Speaking of vamps, did I mention Victoria is back? You know, the red headed vampire who was dating the vampire that tried to kill Bella last year? Yeah, she came back cause Edward killed her boyfriend, so she was trying to kill Edward's girlfriend, who also happens to be Bella. The werewolves tried to keep her in Canada and eventually we didn't hear from her for a while. She did show up when Bella jumped off the cliff, but that was the last time. After Bella jumped off the cliff, Alice (Edward's "sister") came back. Edward ended up thinking Bella was dead and tried to kill himself. This is where the Volturi comes in. He tries to reveal that he is a vampire so the Volturi will kill him so he doesn't have to live without Bella (aaaw so romantic. btw i'm being sarcastic). He ends up failing because Bella shows at the last minute and proves she isn't dead. Then the Volturi comes and takes Edward to Volturi HQ (as I will call it here). They have a long conversation, mostly about how Bella can resist their powers and how mad the Volturi are because Edward told Bella about vampires. It ends up that Bella has to turn into a vampire or be killed by the Volturi. Edward doesn't like this idea. The basic end of the book is the Cullens taking a vote on whether or not to turn her. They didn't even turn her (even though they voted to). Edward refuses to turn her, but he said he will if she marries him, which she says she will.
Now if you're still reading and you haven't read the book or seen the movie, didn't I tell you to stop??? I mean, if you're Ms. Kesler it's different, but seriously if you didn't want to know all of this, then you should have stopped. Anyway...............................................
I liked this one, but Bella was way more flaky this time around. Kristen Stewart did good for once! Edward wasn't even in most of the book, but that was cool. I like Jacob better anyway. Werewolves are waaaay better than vampires. They are like giant fluffy dogs. Of course, if you get one to go wolf you've probably really ticked him off. They only go wolf when they get mad. Jacob was definitely my favorite character this time around. I think I liked this book better anyway. Maybe it had something to do with Edward's absence. I don't know for sure.
I'm going with the same recommendations, but I'm adding werewolf fans. You can't ever forget werewolves. Same age recommendation too. This one wasn't even as violent as the first one. It just kind of tells kids that you can jump of cliffs recreationally, which isn't a good thing.

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